Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why We Blog

We're the Mitchells and we have recently, like within the last 6 months or so, become obsessed with playing PC games. Most especially, hidden object games. From kind of simple seek-and-finds like Dream Day Wedding to more complex games like Sleepy Hollow. So this will be our blog about the games we've played and the games we want to play. We'll try and make our entries as fun and interesting as possible. So here we go.......

David: Every week my wife and I try to pick out a new game to play and I was surprised that there weren't many good (meaty) reviews out there. I just wanted a quick way to compare two games so I didn't waste too much time downloading and playing one just to be disappointed. And oh, there have been a few disappointments. So, we're going to work out a way to give decent reviews broken down into categories and a final rating on the games so you can ignore the ones that suck and spend more time playing the gems. After all, just because you enjoy a good seek-and-find doesn't mean you want to spend all your time looking for the single gem in the latest pile of ... ummmm... games offered by your favorite game site. Hope you enjoy :-)

Laurie: Oh, and we will also occasionally review games that are not hidden object. Such as my current obsession: Fairies. But more about that later.

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